Gary Vidito
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WWII: A Survivor's Story
"WWII: A Survivor's Story" gives the causes,  incidents, and results of the War through stories and song. Similar in style to "A Nation Once More" this show brings to life the events surrounding WWII-with one important difference-He was there! Gary portrays his father, J. Marcus Vidito who, in World War II was aboard the USS Susan B. Anthony across the Atlantic, off the coast of North Africa, Sicily, and finally, Normandy. That was the last trip the Anthony made. There for the D-Day invasion with 2500 men on board,  she struck two mines and went down. Hear the harrowing story of courage and survival and the determination of that "Greatest Generation" to defend and preserve the freedom we enjoy today!
A Nation Once More
This show has been praised by educators, entertainment organizers, and history experts everywhere. "A Nation Once More" is a great way for your students to understand the causes, the traumatic effect on soldiers and civilians,  and the impact the war had on our country then, and even today. This show is presented in non-military period costume. The Civil War is told through stories and song. This program is great for schools, libraries, History Museums, Historical Societies Historical events and Stage Presentations. Gary keeps the energy high and his audience engaged. It's appropriate for all ages as the content is adjusted for the group being addressed. It's the stories and songs of the Civil War brought to life!
The Music of James Taylor and Friends
During the sixties and seventies music took on a new character. Out of the seeds of folk music came a style of music that challenged the "establisment," yet had a gentle side as well. Peter, Paul and Mary; Crosby, Stills and Nash; Bob Dylan, the Carpenters, Carly Simon, and of course James Taylor became the icons of the era and their music is still loved today.
Gary and the gang take you back with carefully crafted harmonies of the songs that you remember and love. 

Take Me Home-
An Evening with the Music 
of John Denver and 
Emmylou Harris
John Denver was one of the great singer songwriters of our time. His songs and style created a new genre of entertainment and introspection. Emmylou Harris has crossed the bounds of musical style to be adored by young and old alike. Together on stage, Gary Vidito and Rene' Hardesty Buckman recreate the uplifting style of these two great performers. You can learn more about this show at
USS Susan B Anthony in Oran Algiers-
                   -  with J.M. Vidito aboard
Gary with Picture of J.M. Vidito
 A.R.T. 2